When it comes to Autism...I know!  I live it everyday.  Oftentimes, I am the first phone call made by the doctors, parents and agencies when there is a question or a problem to be solved.   I don't use a lot of fancy words...I say it straight.  You ask a question and I give an answer.  I will provide a way for you to know how the laws and policies apply to you in a easy-to-understand format.  

Advocates For Autism, LLC

Advocates for Autism LLC is owned by  Sally J Colletti of Binghamton, who has written over 300 plans for the Self-Determination Program in NY State.  She is the one who helped to create laws in NY State as part of a coalition of a small handful of dedicated autism parents.  She also founded the CNY Autism Society of America (CNYASA, Inc).  Afterwards, she created Advocates For Autism, LLC as a private business venture as she wanted to directly work with the families and not sit in a board room all day.   A good portion of the time is spent not collecting fees, but just doing what needs to be done regardless of the payment.   It's the service, not the money that's more important to Sally.   She continues to be active in the autism community having served on the boards of the Children's Home of Wyoming Conference, the NY State Independent Living Council appointed by the Board of Regents, as well as the NYS Most Integrated Settings Council and the Autism Platform and now Community Potential, Inc.  Sally proudly assisted in writing the Autism Insurance Law passed by Governor Cuomo in November 2011.  She has done all of this on her own time, without compensation.   Advocates for Autism, LLC pulls its strength from an informal group of parents, attorneys and advocates who together have changed the way the country looks at autism.  When there is a special education issue, a guardianship or home issue, or if at any time the civil rights of a person with autism is being violated, we are the group who becomes vocal.  We all stand proud together.  


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