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Autism Resources

IEP Writing - Life Skills Goals

This is a complete checklist of all skills needed to be independent.  Not all adults with autism will attain these goals, but we all need to introduce these as if they will, because he may surprise us.

The Anger Game

Here is a quick and fun game using M&Ms candies to teach the colors of Anger.  Try it out.  

Community Navigation for Autism (Medicaid included)

This is a comprehensive guide, but more services are available not published here.  Services in NY State  and Worldwide available for those with Autism.  This resource was compiled by Sally Colletti and first appeared in the book "Silently Seizing: An Essential Guide for Parents and Professionals".  Also note, not all autism services are listed in 2-1-1, NYConnects or other more commonly circulated guides, so contact us for a honest answer on what services are best in our area.
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