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Adulting with Autism 101 Classes (copyright, 2017)
As we work on the details, please do not call, but watch here for updates, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.  

Adulting with Autism 101 Classes (copyright)

Exclusive to Advocates for Autism, LLC with classes starting late fall, early winter, we will be offering 6-week semesters of 1.5 hour long sessions consisting of lessons that were not learned and/or retained in schools.  In a small group format with a NYS certified special education teacher with over 30 years experience in autism, we will teach the skills needed for independent living such as money math, reading for navigation, cooking and filling out forms; using a smart phone; how to be safe in your home, etc.; even how to change  lightbulb and fold sheets.  There will be homework for each week to help the student generalize across settings.  It's preferrable that the community habilitation worker attend these classes with the student.
1. These classes are NOT for everyone with autism and are not to be attended by the individual alone.   Supervision will be required.  
2.  These will be private pay, per "semester",  prior to attending, at $25.00 per class.  Signing up for a minimum of 3 classes is required.  If you have an SDS plan, this class qualifies under the Community Classes Funding.  Ask your broker or MSC. 

NYS Medicaid Services Broker

Offering the MOST experienced broker service in NY State for the OPWDD People First Waiver, having written and/or consulted on in over 300 plans thus far! This is the HCBS Medicaid Waiver that funds a Person-Centered plan through a program offered by OPWDD known as Self-Determined Services. Confused or want to know more?  Just email me and I will walk you through at no cost to you. Self-Directed Services (SDS) is an individualized, self-determined service that is a partnership among the participant, OPWDD, and others who provide supports and services to the person. The person has authority over his/her budget and may choose who to hire and manage his/her employees; choose where they want to live and with whom, receive a housing stipend; transportation costs, and even community activities, and health club memberships. The Federal and State Governments combine to provide a person with ASD the monies that are allocated to that individual based on their abilities in each area of their live. Because each person with Autism is different , each person gets an individualized Personal Resource Account from which to draw upon. With my help as support broker, you will get the help you need most. 

 NYS Guardianship Document Prep Services

The first step in the process is to talk first with your planning team that consists of yourself, your parents/family members or family friends, your doctor and your service providers.  Together, they can help you make the right decision.  Then contact me for the document preparation step, saving you hundreds of dollars.  If you do choose Guardianship please note, that I also ensure that the dignity of a person whom you are seeking the guardianship is upheld. That means that I will work with you to file a first and secondary stand-by guardian(s) with your child's choices kept at the forefront, as well as file a Letter of Intent, Health Care Directives, and other documents that should be written to ensure a full and person-centered plan is in place for the individual. Guardianship is intended to preserve someone's rights, not have them taken away.    I offer this service, as well as Notary Public service for all document preparation at a very reasonable cost.

Community Navigation / Health Advocate

Here are some of the questions I will address in our Person-Centered Planning Sessions to get you on track:
1.  Is your child or adult child receiving OPWDD services? If so, what are they?
2.  Is your child or adult child able to receive any government funds or services like Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, SSDI? DSS, SNAP? 
3.  What will your child's life look like as an adult child?  Where will he/she live?
4. Are all the pieces in place for adult living?  Transportation, friends, community services?  
It seems everybody's expert these days on autism, but are they?  Can you trust them?  I'm a parent too and I will provide you with hope and peace of mind.

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