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Transition planning for adults, Guardianship Preparation, Housing Navigation, Referral of Resources to the Newly Diagnosed, Assistance with Knowing What To Do Next

Availability: Our schedule is more flexible - we can meet in the evenings and on weekends and not make you miss any time with your children or your job.

Experience:  Sally founded this company based on one thought and that was "I can't allow not even one more parent to go through what is unnecessary in order to help their child.  And with Autism, time is of Essence.  As parents, we don't have enough time to teach our children all that we need to as well as obtain the services needed to help us do this.  There is more to a child's life with autism than just their school life.  There are many of the services available and NO ONE at the school will tell you about them as they just have all the information.  These are the services that will lift your child and your family out of where you are now and put you in a better place for the future.

Sally has over 21 years of experience on a personal AND a professional level.  Being in the trenches ourselves and certified Mediators in NY State, we can be an effective advocates for you and your child.  You WILL get the  services delivered with a personalized touch and at your convenience, not some agency.  This experience has allowed us be the FIRST to bring to the Southern Tier Community such names as: TEMPLE GRANDIN, BERNIE RIMLAND, SonRise and Raun Kaufmann, TONY ATTWOOD, CAROL GRAY, SEAN BARRONPECSDr. Eric Hollander....these were who taught the professionals who teach and treat our children now.  It allowed us to organize the FIRST awareness Walk with Binghamton University Scholars and the FIRST Golf Tournament at Hiawatha Links.  These 21 years has created a FOUNDATION in which the professionals, families and legislators look to us for answers  yet we are NOT a nonprofit.  It is the belief of paying it forward to other families with autism is the most important thing to be done for this epidemic of autism.

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If you got to this part of the page and wonder why is this website so blank with very little on it?  It is made with the ASD user in mind.  Too much visual clutter on a page is overwhelming.