1 in 50  altogether with 1 in 37 boys has autism? 

U.S. Autism Population
(ages 3-22)

U.S. Annual Economic Cost

Next Diagnosis
2.16 minutes

TURNED DOWN BY SSI?    SSI/SSDI Representation: 
No one knows the disability of autism or OTHER DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES and its life-long effects on an individual and their family better than us. If you have been denied for SSI or SSDI. We have the knowledge, experience and the passion to help you get your case heard with success.  

NEED GUARDIANSHIP PAPERS FILED?  If you want to protect your adult-child:
We can complete your 17A guardianship papers for NY State and notarize them, complete and ready for you to bring your county Surrogate Court...all for a low price of $149.99 complete!  That's a saving of thousands of dollars if you were to use an attorney.   Contact me and we can do this over the phone, via email for anyone living in NY State.

Medicaid Waiver Broker (through HCBS waiver through OPWDD):  
Offering the MOST experienced broker service in NY State for the OPWDD People First Waiver, having written over 121 plans thus far!  This is the waiver that funds a Person-Centered plan through a program offered by OPWDD known as Self-Determination and called Consolidated Supports and Services.  All you need is an MSC.  They are now FAST TRACKING individuals to be a part of this program.  You can have a plan in place within a month of approval.  Contact your DDSO LIasion.  Find that person through the OPWDD website.
Agency looking for a speaker? 
Do you need a keynote speaker for your conference or event? Experienced presenter who has engaged audiences at statewide, national, and international conferences.  Full List of Workshops or we can costumize to your needs.  

We have over 20 years of experience on a personal AND a professional level.  Being in the trenches ourselves and certified Mediators in NY State, we can be an effective advocates for you and your child.  You WILL get the  services delivered with a personalized touch and at your convenience, not some agency.  This experience has allowed us be the FIRST to bring to the Southern Tier Community such names as: TEMPLE GRANDIN, BERNIE RIMLAND, SonRise and Raun Kaufmann, TONY ATTWOOD, CAROL GRAY, SEAN BARRONPECSDr. Eric Hollander....these were who taught the professionals who teach and treat our children now.  It allowed us to organize the FIRST awareness Walk with Binghamton University Scholars and the FIRST Golf Tournament at Hiawatha Links.  These 20 years has created a FOUNDATION in which the professionals, families and legislators look to us for answers  yet we are NOT a nonprofit.  It is the belief of paying it forward to other families with autism is the most important thing to be done for this epidemic of autism.  Not a lot of talk...just action.
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